Pennywise Mattress Cleaning Service


What does steam cleaning and sterilisation prevent?

The House Dust Mite – It eats dead skin and there can be up to 2 million mites in one mattress.  Each mite produces 20 droppings every day.  Droppings are a major cause of asthma, rhinitis and eczema.

Skin, Sweat & Bodily Fluids build up – We each sweat on average half a litre every night.  We shed around two grams of skin into our mattress every day.

Viruses & Bacteria – Can kill the MRSA, Staphylococcus, Bacteria that can trigger asthma and other common bacteria.

Moulds & Fungal Spores – Many fungal spores can trigger allergies.


Mattress Cleaning - Dust Mites

Mattress Cleaning


1. Your mattress is vacuumed to extract loose skin particles & dust

2. Specially formulated sterilisation spray applied to the mattress

3. Mattress is deep steam cleaned and left to dry in less than 15 minutes.