Dust mites and their effects on health!   Is this said that cleanliness is close to godliness. However there are times when cleanliness seems to be somewhat lacking is in these instances where disease and other elements tend to tax upon the person. One such area which this is the case is embedding in other […]

Carpet Cleaning & Stain Protection Carpets can be one of the most expensive items to purchase for the home. So, when considering their cleaning and maintenance, you will want the best for them. Carpets act as a filter in the home and collect all sorts of dust, grit and soil. Whilst vacuuming on a regular […]

Cleaning Tips – Liquid Spills on Carpet & Upholstery Unfortunately accidents will happen, so these tips could help you should the worst happen: The quicker you act, the better chance you have of removing any staining. Once a stain has dried it is much more difficult to remove. Liquid Spills Carefully blot the stain from […]

4 ways to maintain a clean carpet for longer!

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