Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Wedding Dress Cleaning – Sheffield

A woman’s wedding is one of the most memorable times in her life. After all the preparation time that has been spent in ensuring that the day is perfect, and after the actual wedding ceremony, something has to be done with the wedding dress. As many brides wish to keep their wedding dress (whether as an heirloom passed down to their daughters or just as a keepsake), is essential that proper cleaning and preservation methods be taken to ensure that your wedding dress looks just as good 10 to 15 years from now as it does now.

Pennywise Cleaners have been taking care of the nation’s wedding dresses for more than 40 years and during that time we have been committed to providing a service which ensures that the precious and most special dress of your dreams is as perfectly preserved as your memories.

Our staff have been highly trained to undertake such precious work and they have many years of experience. They offer a dry cleaning and steam finishing service which is highly regarded and will result in a wedding dress which is sparkling clean and able to be stored for many years, risk free. 

Our wedding dress cleaning service is recommended by bridal houses and dressmakers because they understand the processes we use and the attention to detail which every individual dress will receive. Your dress may have hand sewn beads, glued diamantés, several layers of tulle or a boned corset.

We understand the structure and the design methods and we know how to clean your dress to preserve all of these elements.

Our collection and delivery is fully insured, as is our dry cleaning process. Just give us a call on 0114 2682116 to find out about Wedding Dress Cleaning in your area.

Keep your wedding dress looking as beautiful as the day you wore it.

Pennywise Cleaners offer a number of wedding dress cleaning packages, depending on your particular needs:

Clean only package – £79.50

Your dress will be professionally cleaned by one of our experts and returned to you in a protective cover.

Keepsake package – £135.00

Your dress will be professionally dry cleaned and steam finished. It will be returned to you in an acid free wedding presentation box, carefully folded with PH neutral acid free tissue paper between each layer. Your dress will also have an acid free bust former (ir required) inserted to maintain the shape.

Champagne package – £155.00

Your dress will be professionally dry cleaned and steam finished. It will then be carefully folded with PH neutral acid free tissue paper and placed in our special Champagne acid free wedding presentation box. Your dress will also have an acid free bust former (if required) inserted to maintain its shape.


Why should you clean your dress prior to storing it?

Many times one will find that there dress has yellowed over the years. Even though the dress has been stored in a somewhat controlled environment, a wedding dress not cleaned prior to storage is very likely to enhance unseen or unnoticed blemishes from the wedding. For example: as is tradition for the bride and groom to drink champagne at the wedding reception, it is also very common for some of the champagne splashes upon the wedding gown. Where it is true that most of these liquids dry clear and therefore are unnoticed on the wedding day, if not cleaned overtime the stain will yellow due to oxidation and further fermentation.

Wedding dresses are also extremely vulnerable to unseen dirt and moisture around the base. Dirt left unattended can become a permanent stain. Moisture (such as from the luscious and freshly watered green grass) can result in complete ruin of a wedding dress when the moisture turns to mold.

Ensuring that all stains, dirt, moisture, and other contaminants are probably removed from your wedding dress, you greatly increase the chances that your gown will be available in the same radiant beauty years down the line.

Wedding dress preservation

After cleaning your wedding gown, you need to ensure that the gown is preserved properly. Having a nicely cleaned dress that is stored improperly or without proper care will result in a shortened lifespan of the dress. There are three major concerns which need to be addressed when preserving a wedding gown. These are mildew or mold, permanent increasing, and yellowing.

Unfortunately, age has a tendency to show its effects even on fabric. As time goes by, materials such as silk tend to gain a yellowish color. It is practically impossible to prevent any yellowing over time. However, the process can be slowed dramatically down by avoiding storage in plastic bags, using metal hangers, and by implementing acid free tissues and coverings when storing your wedding gown.

Your wedding was an important day to you. It is a day that you want to cherish and remember, one that you want to pass on to your daughters. A wedding dress is just one way in which to do this. To help with the cleaning and preservation your wedding gown, would like to offer you their services. Experienced in cleaning and preservation, they will take care to ensure that your dress is cleaned and preserved in peak condition.