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Curtain Cleaning Tips

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Curtain Cleaning

Maintaining the décor of one’s home is an essential part in presenting oneself in the best light. Family, friends, and other visitors form precepts about one’s character based upon the manner in which certain aspects of the home are kept. Among the most notable items are curtains. Curtains are often the framing of a room (so to speak). Well maintained curtains add life to the room and can both enhance the interior room as well as present an inviting ambiance for the exterior of the house. It is therefore essential that one has their curtains cleaned regularly and by a professional.

The diverseness of material

When having curtains cleaned, a professional is highly recommended. The main reason for this is that a professional curtain cleaner will understand the differences in curtain fabrics and be able to address the best methodology in which to properly care for the curtains. It is recommended that you not try to treat your curtains yourself as there are many variables which can damage the curtains if not properly addressed. Fabric make-up plays the greatest role in establishing the cleaning method. Fabrics such as cloth and wool are cleaned in an entirely different method then silk. Once the material has been identified the density of the fabric (as well as the age) needs to be taken into consideration to properly clean the curtains. Dense fabric is treated differently than those which are light. Additionally, if the curtain contains mixed fabrics a professional will understand how to properly clean the mixture without damaging the material.

Cleaning Methods

Dry Cleaning immersion (P)

Dry cleaning immersion is used primarily on more durable fabrics (such as cotton) to clean curtains. This is a dry cleaning method and involves putting the curtains into a cleaning machine. This is different from a washing machine as the device has a solvent specifically for dry cleaning. This is the most popular method for cleaning curtains outside of the home (meaning that you do not have a professional come to your residence but rather bring the curtains to a cleaning service.) The drawback to this method, however, is that the cleaner cannot observe the fabric while it is being cleaned. Pennywise Cleaners also offer a take down and re hanging service at a small charge.

External Dry Cleaning Units

A different method for cleaning curtains is to use an external dry cleaning unit. A technician using the device will be able to monitor the progress of the cleaning while ensuring that the fabrics are not damaged. The external dry cleaning method also allows the technician to delicately treat aged or fragile material which would otherwise be untreatable. By being able to observe the fabrics, the cleaner can also ensure that there are no bleaching resistances by the fabrics cleaned. External dry cleaning is common for services which are performed at a residence as it allows the professional to treat multiple rooms while also being able to monitor the results of the cleaning. This method is also a particularly ideal manner of cleaning for curtains which have dual fabrics, headers, and ties.

How does curtain cleaning affect your curtains?

There are three main reasons why a person should have their curtains cleaned. These are prevention, refurbishment and maintenance. Cleaning prevents the accumulation of mould and other elements from infusing with the fabric. Mould can easily become an issue, specifically on curtains which have many folds, if the room is subject to cool temperatures.

Refurbishment can remove many stains and normal dirt from curtains. One should remember that curtains are like most fabrics in that a stain or dirt which sits too long untreated is very unlikely to be completely removed. Curtains which appear to be damaged beyond repair should not be expected to look brand new upon getting them cleaned.

Cleaning curtains is essentially maintaining your home. Curtains accumulate dust and dirt as well as other debris from the room. If located on a window that collects moisture, a curtain may absorb some of that moisture. Plus, maintaining clean curtains adds to the hygienic atmosphere of your home. Consider the fact that dust is formed from dust mites (specifically their carcasses and faecal matter). Inhaling dust over a period of time has been proven to cause breathing and health issues. Maintaining clean curtains is a great way to minimize the dust accumulation in a room.

Regardless of the fabric type, make, and design, a professional cleaning service should be implemented on a regular basis to help you keep your curtains in peak condition. Not only does a professional know the best method in which to treat your curtains, but he or she will also ensure that the cleaning is through. Headings and ties should also be addressed during regular cleaning.


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