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Dust mites and their effects on health!

Dust mites and their effects on health!

Is this said that cleanliness is close to godliness. However there are times when cleanliness seems to be somewhat lacking is in these instances where disease and other elements tend to tax upon the person. One such area which this is the case is embedding in other fabrics where dust mites and other parasites can be found. Dust mites are us are an extremely nuisance when coming to cleanliness. The small parasites are usually overlooked leading to preventable illnesses and diseases.

Mattress Cleaning - Dust Mites

Dust mite close up!

What exactly are dust mites?

Commonly associated with bedbugs, the dust mite is a small bug which usually dwells on dead skin, other living organisms. Most people are somewhat uncomfortable with the knowledge the microscopic organisms are living and feeding off of the dead skin. On the other hand, without the proper amount of dust mites dead skin accumulation could cause epidermis problems. In small qualities the dust might is a harmless bug, and are somewhat beneficial. Generally speaking, they are the bodies cleaning agent. Yet, when dust mites and other microscopic parasites are allowed to accumulate to large numbers the potential for health risks is greatly increased. Like any other animal or bug, the dust mite leaves a trail of debris in the places where it is lived. Where may seem harmless dust accumulation on the surface, the odds are that the dust is actually dust mites, their casings, or other organic matter from these bugs which has accumulated to a unhealthy level.  It is at this point of dust might transitions from being a helpful microscopic bug to being a harmful organism. What is the potential harm that these bugs can cause for those who do not clean their premises on a regular basis to ensure that dust mites don’t accumulate?

The potential harms caused by dust mite accumulation

Like anything that is inhaled, and hailing dust mites is not good for the health. The main health risk that arises is allergies. The disgusting factor that the majority of the dust might material which is consumed is not the dust mite itself but their casings and their droppings. Logically, you can see why dust usually has a brown or grayish tent. As much as one third of your pillow’s weight is composed of dust mite casings and their fecal matter. When you think about this is quite a disgusting fact.

Apart from the general allergy, dust mites pose another serious threat to the health. It has been estimated that up to 80% of all asthmatics are such because of dust mites and dust mite fecal matter being consumed through the air within their environment. Dust mites also produce digestive juices which if inhaled can trigger a life time of asthma symptoms or can heighten pre-existing allergies. If consistently consumed in large doses is quite possible that a person will develop a lifelong condition for which there is no cure. The only cure is prevention by ensuring that there is not an accumulation of dust mites, dust mite casings, or dust mite fecal matter.

Other illnesses which may arise from dust mites include:

  1. hay fever

  2. runny nose

  3. Eye irritation

  4. increase in acne

  5. sleep anxiety

  6. eczema

  7. rash and skin irritations

  8. coughing

  9. swollen glands within the nasal passage and throat

How to prevent health issues which may arise from dust mites.

The great thing about the illnesses and health issues which may arise from dust mites is that it is preventable. The easiest and best way to combat dust mites is to perform regular cleaning so as to minimize the excess dust mite casings and dust mite fecal matter within your environment. offers exceptional cleaning services for an affordable price. Their team of professionals will ensure that your houses free of dust mites, their casings, and their droppings. By providing cleaning services catered to getting the deep down dust, dirt, and debris the accumulation of these bugs is greatly minimized and therefore your overall health is maximized.

It is critical that regular cleaning services be utilized in order to reduce dust mite accumulation. However, in between such cleanings it is essential that certain test be performed to help minimize potential health issues from these bugs. Regularly cleaning and changing sheets helps to prevent the accumulation of dust mite casings and fecal matter. Remember up to one third of our lives is spent in our beds. Therefore, it is crucial that we ensure that our sleeping environment is to the peak of cleanliness so as to encourage good health, heighten relaxation, and a full relaxing night’s sleep.

Through the combination of preventive measures as well as invoking the services of a professional cleaning group such as dust mites need not be a problem. We would like to encourage you to please visit our website to see what services are offered in your area. If you have any inquiries about our service feel free to contact us through the contact page. We will be most pleased to address any inquiries which you may have.


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