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Professional Duvet Cleaning

There is more than just the sheets

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If you are a homeowner or if you run a business which has bedding, than the odds are that you have noticed that beds do not just consist of the fitted sheet and the cover sheet anymore. Where it is true that the main sheets can be washed most of the time with traditional methods, duvets need to have special cleaning. Why do duvets require special attention and cleaning and why is it important to hire a professional service to clean your duvets? The answer lies in the way in which duvets are constructed.

There is a lot going on in-between there

Unlike a typical sheet, a duvet  is made from layers of fabric and materials. Duvets typically are constructed of feathers, cottons, or other synthetics as well as the top and bottom layers. This construction is the appeal of the duvet. Feathers and cottons are usually warm and comfortable. The downside is that these  layers make it possible for harmful bacteria and other contaminates to lay upon the surface, and in turn upon you.

Consider, if there is a liquid saturated into the sheet (whether that be from a wine glass or from a child wetting the bed) then the liquid gets into the cottons and feathers and such of the duvet.  If cleaned quickly the contaminants could be reduced. However, if the liquid dries within the middle layer, even if you soaked up the liquid from the surface of the spill, than the contaminant remains. The only real way to get a deep cleaning is to have it professionally cleaned.

Another consideration with duvets is dust mites. Cleaning your duvets regularly will reduce the amount of dust and debris that accumulates within the duvet. However, it is unavoidable that over time dust and debris will settle within the duvet.  A deep cleaning is advised to remove all debris and dust from the duvet, especially since the majority of allergens among adults deals with dust and micro debris.

Apart from the middle of the duvet, one has to consider the cleaning procedure for the top and bottom layers. Many duvets have cotton top layers but silk bottom layers. As these two materials must be treated completely different, cleaning needs to be handled in a careful manner that addresses the specific needs for the designated layer. For example: Silks require more delicate cleaning. Many times the silks require a dry cleaning technique. Cottons and wool’s generally require more saturation than other materials. Knowing how to treat the duvet is the key in cleaning it properly.

Why should I not handle cleaning my duvet myself?

Duvets are particular in the way in which they must be cleaned. Like anything that has fibers and layers to its construction, the more luxurious the duvet, the higher the level of detail will be needed in cleaning it. You cannot simply throw a duvet into a washer and dryer and hope for the best. For one, if the duvet has any nylon fibers then the dryer is likely to shrink and melt them leaving you with a ruined duvet. If you have cotton that has not been pre-shrunk than washing the duvet in the wrong manner may cause damage to your duvet. A duvet with feathers must be treated extra carefully when washing and drying it. Feathers are known for holding molds and funguses if not dried properly. This can lead to sicknesses. Feathers can also catch fire easily if the drying is done poorly. Overall, it is best not to try to do extensive cleaning on your duvet to avoid damage. It is ok to do emergency maintenance (such as when you spill something cleaning the duvet the best you can to avoid stains), but regular cleaning and deep cleaning should be done by a professional.

The Solution

The best solution to ensure that you have your duvets cleaned professionally is to hire a professional cleaning service. Ensure that you hire a service that is certified in cleaning and has a reputation for providing the best services at a competitive price.

Pennywise Cleaners provides professional services for cleaning duvets. Their team works closely with you to ensure that you get the best results every time. Because the team members are experienced in the various methodologies for cleaning fabrics, organics, and synthetics, you can rest assured that your duvets will be cleaned using the best practices and procedures. Hiring Pennywise Cleaners will also ensure that you get the deep down dust and debris from the duvet. This will increase the life of your duvet as well as provide you with a cleaner, more comfortable bed.

If you have any questions regarding our duvet cleaning, or any of our cleaning services we would love for you to contact us.


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