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The importance of having a professional carry out your carpet cleaning

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Why training and professionalism are critical to your carpet cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your carpets, there are many businesses which offer such services. However, not all of these services are professional, and certainly not all the businesses are trained and insured. Does this matter? The answer is a definitive YES. You need to ensure that you have a business which is accountable, established, well trained, and cares about you as their customer. Hiring only a professional to carry out your carpet cleaning can benefit you in many ways, primarily:

A trained professional is less likely to damage your carpet

A professional who has been formally trained and has NCAA membership (National carpet cleaner association) is far less likely to damage your carpet. The professional understands that there are various materials used in various carpets and that specific techniques need to be implemented dependent upon the type. For example: A carpet which has more of a sha appearance would not do well with a standard vacuum cleaner as the brushes could damage the carpet fibers.

Unlicensed “professionals” run a high risk of damaging the carpet through the solvents and chemicals used to treat and clean the carpet. Typically, these businesses uses a one size fits all methodology to their cleaning.  If an unexperienced cleaner uses a bleach based cleaner for example on a tan (not white) carpet, you may end up with unsightly white spots on your carpet.  Consider also the cleanliness of the cleaning equipment. A small business which has many orders in one day is not likely to properly clean all the equipment between jobs. This means that you may actually get more contaminants in your home.

Our professionals use only cleaners which are safe for your carpet and for your household. We do not use equipment which releases allergens into the air, solvents which are harmful to your family or pets, or techniques which put your carpet, furniture, and peace of mind at risk.

There is more accountability when hiring a professional

Because professionals are formally trained and licensed, the demand for upholding that professionalism is implemented by the company for which they work. Many organisations require that carpet cleaning professionals obtain training frequently in order to ensure that the best technologies and methodologies are being implemented. The NCAA requires members to be fully trained and to hold that level of professionalism. Members are held accountable for their work.

Hiring a person that is not a professional carpet cleaner holds far less accountability, especially if the company is an uninsured, unaffiliated, small business. Unprofessionalism from such companies has very little chance of reimbursement, repairs, or a re-cleaning.  However, in the rare event that you should have to contact a professional and licensed cleaning company for an issue with your cleaning, you will find that the company will be more oriented in getting you a positive solution to the issue.

Professionals bring professional grade equipment

If you are cleaning your carpets with your own equipment, you may be getting nice results. Yet, there will usually be a great deal of dirt and debris which is missed. This is no fault of your own, but rather the result of not having professional grade equipment. A professional cleaning company will be able to get the deep down dirt and debris which most cleaning equipment misses.

Hiring a professional over renting professional grade equipment is advised as the the risk is lower. Consider, if you hire a professional carpet cleaner you get someone with the equipment and the training on how to properly use the equipment.  You are lowering the risks by having someone trained in the operations perform the task.

Professionals bring professional results

There is a saying that “you get what you pay for”. Such is true when it comes to cleaning your carpets. Where non-professional businesses may offer lower rates, in many cases the lower rates are due to cut corners and sub-standard services. Hiring a professional cleaner may appear to be more costly. However, when you consider the repair costs, the re-cleaning, the damage, and the other factors which an unlicensed and uninsured cleaner may cause, the price is worth it.

Ensure that your cleaning company is a professional, insured, and a well established business. Check to see what others are saying about the potential contractor prior to hiring them to clean your home or business.

We are here for you

Should you desire to have your carpet cleaned by a fully insured member of the NCCA please contact us. Established in 1974, our team of professionals prides themselves on their training and expertise. If you have any inquiries regarding the benefits of hiring our professional cleaning service or for any questions regarding our services please feel free to ask.


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